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Wednesday, April 29, 2009  

Appliance Gadgets and Useful Appliance Parts- CLICK HERE!

For the Appliance Nut that has everything - these neat gadgets, tools and fun appliance parts will put a smile on someone's face bigger than the Logo :)

Washing Machine Floodstop - Gotta love this gadget. How many times did something get stuck in the drain and the washing machine flooded leaving a big mess (at least) and sometimes even water damage.

he floodstop automatically shuts off the water supply to the washing machine and sounds an alarm when a few drops of water make contact with the water sensor. Whether caused by a burst hose, or an overflowing washing machine the Floodstop will automatically close the valves and shut off the water supply.

Vegetable Bin Liner for Refrigerators - A plush layer of cushioned foam lines your crisper bins to prevent bruising and spoilage. Allows air to circulate freely to help keep fruits and vegetables fresher longer. Cut to fit your specific bin and model.

Not really a gadget - but a great garbage disposer. 1/3 HP Continuous Feed Disposer with Cord (Magic Chef) - Magic Chef Food Waster Disposer - one of our favorites - features a 1/3 HP induction motor. Quick-lock mounting collar speeds installation. Two stainless steel swivel impellers. Attached power cord included. One-year limited manufacturer's warranty.

High Temperature Appliance Wire
25 feet of 14 gauge high temperature wire, 3 separate conductors - white - red - black. Sil-a-blend system includes a plated copper conductor, silicone high temperature insulation and an embedded glass braided covering all jacketed in another layer of silicone insulation. Replaces plastic, rubber and glass braid wire. Rated to 600 volts, 36 amps and 392 degrees F.

Nickel Safe Ice Machine Cleaner by Nu-calgon
A specially formulated product for removing scale deposits from ice machines having nickel-plated or tin-plated evaporators. Acceptable for use on Manitowoc and other manufacturers using nickel plated evaporators. It is available in pints an d gallons, and it mixes to form a green cleaning solution which makes rinsing easier. Specially formulated food-grade product, removes scale deposits from ice machines with nickel or tin-plated evaporators.
Meets Manitowoc specification #GES-6 and is approved by other manufacturers using nickel
2-3 fl. oz. of cleaner per gallon of water in ice machine
16 oz.

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