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Thursday, July 2, 2009  

Universal dishwasher motor and pump kit- CLICK HERE!

Before taking apart your dishwasher, always keep in mind safety first.
  1. Before working on your dishwasher, unplug the appliance from its electrical receptacle or shut off the circuit that powers it.
  2. Turn off the hot water supply valve beneath the sink before disconnecting or working on the dishwasher’s supply valve or hose.
  3. Don’t work inside the dishwasher immediately following a wash cycle; various parts, especially the electric dryer element at the bottom, may still be hot.

This dishwasher motor and pump kit is used with the following appliance models:

36315161790, 36315161791, 36315161792, 36315165790, 36315165791, 36315165792, 36315165793, 36315452990, 36315459990, 36315461790, 36315461791, 36315461792, 36315465790, 36315465791, 36315465792, 36315465793, GSC3200Z01BL, GSC3200Z02BL, GSC3200ZZ0BL, GSC3230Z01WW, GSC3230Z02WW, GSC3230ZZ0WW, GSC3400Z01BL, GSC3400Z02BL, GSC3400ZZ0BL, GSC3430Z01WW, GSC3430Z02WW, GSC3430ZZ0WW, GSD1920C02BB, GSD1920C04BB, GSD2000Z00AD, GSD2000Z00WH, GSD2000Z01AD, GSD2000Z01WH, GSD2000Z02AD, GSD2000Z02WH, GSD2000Z04AD, GSD2000Z04WH, GSD2020Z00BB, GSD2020Z01BB, GSD2020Z02BB, GSD2020Z04BB, GSD2030Z00WW, GSD2030Z01WW, GSD2030Z02WW, GSD2030Z04WW, GSD2110C02AA, GSD2110C04AA, GSD2120C02BB, GSD2120C04BB, and more

New and improved dishwasher pump and motor kit. Replaces all previous versions. Fits GE-made dishwashers including GE, Hotpoint, Magic Chef (GE design), RCA and Kenmore (model prefix 363). Complete pre-assembled kit. This kit may not look like your old pump/motor assembly. Recently redesigned by GE, it replaces all previous versions since 1970. Complete instructions are included.


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