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Thursday, October 1, 2009  

Don't Let that Nasty Ice Cube Get the Best of you!- CLICK HERE!

We had an IceMaker problem the last couple of weeks and didn't understand just how difficult it is to live without an icemaker in a family of six! After thawing out the freezer (what a mess) and starting things up, we realized that the culprit was actually an ice cube stuck in the icemaker that was jamming things up.

Before jumping through hoops and buying lots of icemaker parts, make sure that you do the simplest money saving thing and defrost .. You never know how you can "Extend the Life of the Appliance".

If you do find that the problem is not a simple jammed ice cube - check the icemaker motor assembly - you can purchase a new one below.

Icemaker control module and motor assembly


Another great tip is to make sure that the Icemaker Heater is working properly. The heater is under the ice cube mold. It is visible as a metal tube that runs the length of the ice mold on some models and looks alot like the heating element on some electric ovens. It does not always feel hot to the touch when operating in the freezer, it only raises the temperature slightly above freezing so the ice cubes come loose.


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