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Friday, October 30, 2009  

Hang on to that old "Clunker" Appliance for a bit more- CLICK HERE!

This year, you got paid for tossing out the clunker car. Next year, you'll be rewarded for getting rid of the energy-inefficient appliance. Many states will be sponsoring a "Cash for Appliances" program, similar to "Cash for Clunkers" in that you'll be paid for doing a big dump (or recycle) of your old appliances and buying those labeled with the Energy Star seal.

This is part of the federal government's economic stimulus plan -- it set aside $300 million in rebates for buying energy-efficient products, and state governments had to send detailed plans to Washington by to explain how they would give that money away.

So unlike Cash for Clunkers, each state is in charge of its own Cash for Appliances program.

All appliances that qualify for the cash for appliances program must feature the energy star label. Without this label, they can’t qualify for any rebate funded by the government. This certification indicates the appliance will help the owner conserve energy every month and therefore save money on their utilities.

One downside: Unlike cars, there's no lot you can wheel your clunker appliance to. New York is one state that's giving an incentive for recycling appliances by adding extra to your rebate amount if you show proof you recycled the freezer of fridge. But residents have the extra burden of finding out what they need to do with their old appliance before they can cash in on the new one.

To get the date and details of your state's own program, contact your state's energy department.

Act fast, when it starts in your state! That $300 million the Federal Government set aside goes fast when divided among all states and territories. California only gets $35.2 million for its massive population, so it definitely pays to be first in line at the appliance store.

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