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Friday, November 27, 2009  

Maintaining & Cleaning your Range Hood- CLICK HERE!

Range hoods have average lifetime expectancies.

Maintaining your Range Hood properly can extend the lifetime indefinitely. This is true of all household appliances and that is the cornerstone of

Investing in a pair of gloves that will withstand chemicals, heat and cold is an excellent idea. Pictured to the right are Nitrile Professional Cleaning Gloves.

If you have to do any kind of repair or maintenance on your range hood, make sure to unplug it from the power supply. Use a properly grounded outlet if your vent hood is not wired directly to your household power supply. It might be a good idea to cover the top of your range so that grease does not drop on it while you are making your adjustments (or something worse)

  • Wipe down the exterior and interior of your range hood often. (every week is a good idea)

  • To clean thoroughly, use hot water, soap, and a splash of ammonia to cut the grease buildup.

  • You can also purchase very good cleaners and degreaser at reputable online Appliance Part stores.

  • Clean the metal mesh filters often. (every month is a good idea) These can retain grease and be a fire hazard. Use a degreaser and hot water to rinse it. The range hood filter can be cycled through a dishwasher as well.

  • Wipe the fan blades regularly.

  • Change any activated charcoal or other filters as the manufacturer suggests.

  • Check the vent and ducts periodically for grease buildup.

  • Contact a chimney sweep or the equivalent as needed.
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