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Wednesday, May 28, 2008  

Sub-Zero - Rated Top Green Brand - SubZero Parts- CLICK HERE!

We recently featured an article that talked quite a bit about the Energy Star ratings of specific appliance brands and this is a continuation of that article. Two brands GE and Subzero should be given a pat on the back for thier additional efforts in helping our planet stay green.

Top 10 Green Brands according to the ImagePower Green Brands Survey:

Sub-Zero was ranked on the Top 10 list of Green Brands in 2007 by the ImagePower Green Brands Survey. In this independent, 3rd party research, more than 3000 consumers in the United States and the United Kingdom were polled to rate the most ‘green’ brands.

I read a little bit about SubZero's effort on the corporate website. It seems that for Sub-Zero, green is more than just an Energy Star rating. Even the largest refrigeration product they manufacture, the Sub-Zero PRO 48, uses less energy per month than a 100-watt light bulb according to the website.

From being built in the USA, to supporting organic farmers and food artisans, to using renewable energy, to extensive recycling, to sourcing environmentally friendly materials and supplies, to providing living wages to factory workers - Sub-Zero & Wolf have been ‘green’ long before the term even existed.

Subzero featured product: Practically an in-home ice factory, the Sub-Zero 315I Ice Maker holds 26 pounds of ice cubes and can crank out up to 30 pounds of ice a day. The unit is compact, slightly over 15" wide.

The most common part needed for this is the Subzero Water Pump Replacement Part

More on Energy Star Ratings next time!

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