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Air King offers one of the most complete lines of ENERGY STAR certified solutions in ventilation products on the market today. Products include Bathroom Exhaust Fans, Whole House Continuous Operation Exhaust Fans, Under Cabinet Range Hoods, Professional Range Hoods and more. All Air King products are engineered to exceed your expectations for style, performance, and quality while enhancing the indoor air quality (IAQ) of the home.

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8132 Air King Oscillating Ceramic Heater With Convenient Remote Control - FREE GROUND SHIPPING!

Get Quick Local Or Supplemental Heat For Areas Up To 150 Square Feet With The Air King 8132 Electric Ceramic Space Heater! Featuring A Super-compact Size And Up To 5,118 Btus Of Heat, This Lightweight Heater Is The Perfect Heating Solution For Bedrooms And Personal Spaces.efficient Ceramic Heating Elementthe Air King 8132 Utilizes A Ceramic Heating Element That Quietly And Evenly Distributes Heat For Maximum Comfort.oscillation Featurethe Heater's Base Oscillates In Order To Heat An Even Larger Area Than Other Heaters Of This Size.easy Operationfor Easy Operation, The Air King 8132 Has A Clear Contrast Lcd Display Screen Along With A Seven-hour Timer.temperature Controlthe Built-in Thermostat Also Lets You Set The Heater To Your Desired Temperature.additional Featuresother Great Features Include Dual Heat Settings; Power Indicator Light; And Multi-function Remote Control. For Safe Operation, The Air King 8132 Ceramic Space Heater Comes With Auto Overheat Shut-off.
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UPC: 046013760869

8945 Air King Portable Electric Space Heater With 3 Quiet Comfort Settings

Ward Off The Chill Of Winter With The New Air King 8945 Space Heater! This Portable Electric Ceramic Heater Features Three Quiet Comfort Settings And Comes With A Built-in, Easy Grip Carrying Handle That Makes It Easy To Move From One Area To The Next. The 1500 Watt Air King 8945 Weighs Only 5 Pounds And Can Be Placed On A Desk Or Counter Because Of Its Compact Size. It Boasts Durable, Quality Construction That Will Result In Years Of Hassle-free Use And Utilizes A Ceramic Heating Element To Provide Rapid, Even Heat. Also Included Is An Easy-to-use Adjustable Analog Thermostat For Personalized Comfort. Additional Features Found In The Air King 8945 Ceramic Space Heater Include A Power Indicator Light, “fan Only� Function, And A Three-year Manufacturer’s Warranty.
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UPC: 046013763013

9012 Air King Wall-Mounted Fan In White with a 1/50 HP Motor

Wall Mount Fans Provide Cooling Solutions To Your Home Without Breaking The Bank. They Also Save Floor Space So That You Can Concentrate More On Your Home’s Feng Shui. Oscillating Wall Mount Fans, Such As The Air King 9012, Offer You Cooling Without Taking Up Too Much Space. The 9012 Would Make A Great Gift Or Purchase Because Of Its:versatilitythe Compact 12� Size Makes It Ideal For Workshops, Health Clubs, Stores, Classrooms, Offices, And Hospitals Where There Is High Foot Traffic And Not Enough Room On The Floor.qualitybeing An Air King Product, He 9012 Offers Quality And Durability. Air King Is An American Company With Reputable Products, And The 9012 Is No Exception. Its Blades Are Constructed From Chemical Resistant Polypropylene And Its Motor Runs As 120 Volts.quietnesseven At Its Highest Setting The 9012 Hums At 45 Dba. At Its Lowest Setting It Is At 36 Dba, Making It Ideal For Offices Or Classrooms Where There Is A Need For Peace And Quiet.constructionthe 9012 Features 3 Speeds; High, Medium, And Low As Well As A Powder Coated Steel Front Grill With An Impact Resistant Plastic Rear Grill. It Also Includes A 7’ Power Cord To Allow You More Choices On Where To Install It.
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UPC: 046013332608

9016 Air King Wall-Mounted Fan In White with Impressive 1710 CFM

Wall Mounted Fans Are An Excellent Solution To Rooms That Cannot Afford Anymore Floor Space. The Air King 9016 Oscillating Wall Mount Fan Will Make An Excellent Solution To Your Needs Because It Offers Many Features, Including:90° Of Oscillationthis Gives The 9016 Enough Range To Cool Any Room. Its Oscillating Function Also Keeps Air Circulating, So That It Would Never Go Stale. Simply Angle The Fan To An Appropriate Position And Enjoy A Crisp Breeze Of Air!compositionthe 9016 Features Air King Quality Construction. Its Grills Are Created With Quality And Durability In Mind. Its Front Steel Is Made Of Powder Coated Steel As Its Rear Grill Is Made Of Impact Resistant Plastic.motorair King’s Oscillating Fans, Like Th 9016, Feature A 120 Volt Permanently Lubricated Motor With A 3-conductor Type Spt Power Cord. The 9016 Operates With A 1/20 Hp Motor With Both Pull Chain And Front Mounted Rotary Controls For Your Convenience.usesuse The 9016 In Workshops Or Workstations In Your Office Or Home, In Health Clubs Or Gyms, Stores, Classrooms, Hospitals, And More! The 9016 Can Function Anywhere As Long As There Is A Wall To Install It On!
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UPC: 046013332707

9018 Air King Wall-Mount Fan In White with Chemical Resistant Polypropylene Blades

Electric Fans Are A Great Way To Get Immediate And Inexpensive Relief From Stuffy And Hot Weather. The Air King 9018 18 Inch Oscillating Wall Fan Is The Perfect Way To Save Space And Cool Down For These Following Reasons:three Speedsthe 9018 Operates On Three Varying Speeds To Let You Relax Under Different Air Intensities. The 9018 Also Has A Pull Cord To Let You Power The Fan With A Simple Tug.motorthe 9018’s Motor Is Permanently Lubricated And Runs At A Steady 1/20 Hp. It Also Is 120 Volts And Uses A 3-conductor Type Spt Power Cord. The Fan Is Also Osha Compliant.constructionas All Air King Products Are Made With American Quality In Mind, So Is The 9018. The Grills Are Constructed Of A Powder Coated Steel Front Grill With An Impact Resistant Plastic Rear Grill. Its Blades Are Made Of Chemical Resistant Polypropylene.capabilitiesthe 9018 Can Reach A Cfm Of 1710 And Rpms At 1545. You Can Use The 9018 In A Variety Of Places Such As Classrooms, Offices, Workstations, And So Forth. Its 18� Blades Make It Large Enough To Even Use In Living Rooms.mobilitymany Appliances Require Floor Space, Such As Vacuums, Air Filters, Grills, And So Forth. The 9018 Is The Largest Wall Mounted Fan Air King Has To Offer, And Can Give Your Home Or Living Space The Refreshment It Needs Because It Can Be Mounted To Any Wall!
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UPC: 046013390905

9020 Air King Wall Mount Fan In Black with 1/6 HP Power

Need A Powerful Industrial Grade Fan For Your Gym, Auditorium, Schools, Or Churches? Invest In An Air King 9020 20� Wall Mounted Fan To Give You The Fresh Breeze Of Air You Need! The 9020 Is Great Because Of These Following Reasons:great Motorthe 9020’s Motor Is 1/6 Hp Strong At 120 Volts. It Has A Totally Enclosed Ball Bearing Mechanism That Is Permanently Lubricated And Permanently Split Capacitor Along With A 3’, 3-conductory Type Sjt Power Cord.intense Powerthe 9020 Can Blast Up To 3670 Cfm Of Air To Whichever Direction You Please. The 9020’s Blades Will Rotate At 1500 Rpm At Its Highest Rpm. The 9020 Also Has Three Speed Functions.usesthe 9020 Would Make A Great Addition To Large Spaces That Require Ventilation And Air Circulation. It’s Ideal For Areas Where There Are Large Assemblies.superb Constructionthe 9020’s Blade, Guards, And Mount Is All Constructed From Powder Coated Steel. It Is Also Made From A Reputable Company, Air King, Who Prides Themselves In Creating Fans That Can Last A Lifetime.
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UPC: 046013393401

9046 Air King Wall Mount Fan With Steel Construction

The Air King 9046 Wall Mount Fan Is A Space Saving And Convenient Way To Cool During The Summer Months. It Can Be Mounted On Your Wall In A Convenient Location And Features A Pull Cord For Easy Operation. 3 Selectable Speedsthere Are 3 Whisper Quiet Speeds Included That Can Be Used In Combination With Oscillation For A Variety Of Cooling Options. Quick Installationthe 9046 Includes Mounting Hardware That Makes It Easy To Install. There Are No Tools Required For Installation So It Is Quick And Easy. Durable Constructionthe Fan’s Guard Is Made Of Powder Coated Steel And The Propeller Is Made Of Polypropylene For Long Lasting Operation.remote Controlall Of The Settings And Options Can Be Controlled By A Convenient Remote.
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UPC: 046013378897

9102 Air King Electric Fan Features 930 CFM

"cool Off Your Personal Space With The Air King 9102 12"" Oscillating Electric Table Fan. With Three Speeds Of Up To 930 Cfm Controlled By A Base Mounted Rotary Switch This Easy To Use Electric Fan Is Sure To Keep You Comfortably Cool. The 9102 Oscillates Up To 90 Degrees But Can Also Be Locked For Your Convenience. Tough Polypropylene Blades And A High Impact Resistant Rear Grill Means This Fan Can Take A Beating."
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UPC: 046013332301

9106 Air King Electric Fan In White with 1710 CFM

Table Fans Provide An Excellent Solution To Sparse Floor Space. With So Many Appliances Requiring Floor Space (vacuums, Floor Fans, Lights, Etc) It’s No Wonder That Table Fans Are So Popular! The Air King 9106 Oscillating Table Fan Can Provide You With Fresh Breezes Of Air For The Following Reasons:controls The 9106 Can Turn Its Head 90° And Cover A Wide Range Of Angles For Your Comfort And Needs. It Also Can Locked In A Fixed Position Just In Case You Get That Perfect Breeze You Desire.motorthe 9106 Uses A 120 Volt Motor That Is Permanently Lubricated. It Also Uses A 7’, 3-conductor Type Spt Power Cord. It Also Can Power Up To 1710 Cfms And A Rpm Of 1545 At Its Highest Speed.materiallike Most Air King Fans, The 9106 Bears The Same Quality In Mind. Air King Is Well-known For Industrial Fans And Has Brought Its Own Line Of Durability In Home And Office Use. The 9106’s Front Grill Is Made Of Powder Coated Steel And Its Rear Grill Is Made From Impact Resistant Plastic.usesthe Neutral White Color Of The 9106 Makes It Ideal For Many Situations. It Also Can Be Used In Offices, Hospitals, Schools, And Any Other Areas Where Quiet Operation Is Desirable.
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UPC: 046013332400

9119 Air King Pedestal Fan In White with Powder-Coated Steel Front Grill

Oscillating Fans, Unlike Box Fans, Can Create Diverse Breezes And Blow Cool Air Throughout The Room Rather Than In One Direction. Pedestal Fans Offer Height And Direction To Your Cooling Needs, Such As In The Air King 9119 18 Inch Oscillating Pedestal Fan. The 9119 Makes An Excellent Fan For The Following Reasons:size And Rangethe 9119 Is The Largest Oscillating Pedestal Fan Air King Has To Offer. It Can Adjust Its Height From 37� To 53.75�, Giving It A Range. It Can Also Tilt Its Head 30 Degrees Up Or 15 Degrees Down, Giving It More Versatility.powerthe 9119 Has A 120 Volt Motor And Can Reach Cfm Air Delivery Up To 1950 On Its Highest Setting. If Noise Is An Issue, This Fan Emits 53 Dba On Its Highest Setting. The Motor Runs At 1/20 Hp And Is Permanently Lubricated So That You Wouldn’t Have To Worry About Maintenance.energy-friendlyinstead Of Wasting Hundreds This Summer, Invest In A 9119 Pedestal Fan. Pedestal Fans Are Easy To Install (just Place It Where You Want!) And Portable. It’s Perfect For Your College-bound Student!constructionbeing An Air King Product, The 9119 Complies With Vigorous Standards Of Quality. The Front Grill Is Constructed From Powder Coated Steel And The Rear Grill Is Made From Impact Resistant Plastic.
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UPC: 046013390806

9122 Air King Window Exhaust Fan

"for Quiet, Efficient Cooling That Always Fits, Choose The Air King 9122 Window 9"" Exhaust Fan. Its Compact Size, Adjusting Knob, And Secure Locking Side Panels Ensure That This Unit Will Fit Almost Any Standard-sized Window As Well As Doorframes And Other Narrow Spaces. The Reversible Unit Can Pump Stale Air Out Of Your Room Or Bring In Fresh Air From Outside. The Unique Storm Guard Feature Allows You To Close The Window Behind The 9"" Air King 9122 During Inclement Weather. The Permanently Lubricated Motor Means Silent Operation, So You Can Enjoy Breezy Comfort Without The Distraction Of Noisy Fan Blades. High Safety Ratings And Low Prices Make This A Wise Choice For Any Buyer."
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UPC: 046013380005

9126 Air King 16 Inch Pedestal Fan In White with Adjustable Height

Bogged Down By Sweltering Heat But You Need An Energy-efficient Way To Cool Down? Community Pool Overcrowded? Ac Broken? All These Reasons Will Lead You To Purchasing A Portable Fan. The Air King 9126 16 Inch Oscilating Electric Pedestal Fan Is Your Perfect Solution To Hot Heat For The Following Reasons:durable Materialsthe 9126 Has A Powder Coated Steel Front Grill And An Impact Resisted Plastic Rear Grill. It Also Has Chemical Resistant Polypropylene Blades That Provide The Flexibility It Needs To Make The Best Use Of Circulating Air.lock And Tilting Featuressome Fans Cannot Rotate A Full 90 Degrees Or Provide Air Circulation To A Room. The 9126 Can Provide A Fresh Breeze Of Air To All Corners Of Your Room As Well As Tilt Up Or Down. You Could Also Lock Your Fan In Place For The Perfect Spot Of Coolness.6' Cordyour Power Outlet Too Far From Where You Need The Breeze? No Worries! The 9126 Has A 6' Power Cord That Can Be Plugged Into Any Conventional Outlet, Providing You The Portability You Need For Your Hot Days. It Is Also Includes An Integrated Saftey Plug, Just In Case There Is A Small Accident With The Fan.3 Oscillating Functionsthe 9126 Has 3 Oscillating Functions; High, Medium, And Low To Fit Your Needs. The Breeze Blowing Too Chilly And Fast For Your Tastes? Don't Fret, Just Lower The Speed For Ultimate Comfort!
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UPC: 046013390707

9137 Air King Twin Table Window Fan With E-Z Click Expander Panels

The Air King 9137 Twin Table Window Fan Is A Versatile Fan That Can Be Used During The Day Or Night. It Features 7 Inch Propellers And Fits Windows With A Width Of 22-34 Inches And A Height Of 12 Inches. The Advanced Features Included With The 9137 Include: Intake Or Exhaust: Can Be Set To Draw In Cool Air From The Outside Or Expel Out Warm Air.versatile Window Compatibility: Fits Most Window Types Such As Double Hung, Casement And Sliding Windows. Two Selectable Speeds: There Are Two Quiet, Energy Efficient Speeds For Just The Right Amount Of Cooling. Easy Operation: Comes Fully Assembled For Instant Cooling Upon Arrival. Optional Snap-on Feet Are Included For Floor Or Table Use.
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UPC: 046013382405

9145 Air King Clip-On Fan In White with Ultra Quiet Capabilities

Clip On Fans Are Excellent Solutions For Private Cubicles Or Areas Of Work. Their Compact Construction Also Makes Them Portable Enough To Fit In A Gym Bag. The Air King 9145 6 Inch Electric Clip-on Fan Makes An Excellent Solution To Stale, Stagnant Office Air For These Reasons:portabilityat A Mere 6� The 9145 Can Be Carried And Installed Just About Anywhere It Can Clip Onto. It Is Delightfully Small And Can Be Carried Into Your Office Space. Its White Design Also Makes It Easy To Coordinate With, And It Does Not Stand Out.brand Nameair King Is An American Company Known For Its Durability And Commitment To High-quality Fans. They Are Also Known For Lasting Several Years (see Review Below). Motorthe 9145 Operates On A 120 Volt, 1/300 Hp Permanently Lubricated Motor Along With A 7’, 3-conductor Type Spt Power Cord. It Is Osha Compliant And Can Run Cfms As High As 190, As Well As Rpms Of An Astounding 2020.great Constructionthe 9145 Is Air King’s Only Clip On Fan. It Is Constructed With A Zinc Plated Steel Front Grill With An Impact Resistant Plastic Rear Grill. Its Blades Are Made From Chemical Resistant Polypropylene.
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UPC: 046013380302

9146 Air King 6 Inch Electric Table Fan In White with 190 CFM

Offices And Work Areas Where Personal Space Is Limited Can Be Stressing. If You Place Many Workers In One Location, Body Heat Generates And Can Become Unbearable To Some Individuals. To Respect Your Neighbors And To Get The Air Circulation You Need, Look No Further Than The Air King 9146 6 Inch Electric Table Fan. The 9146 Makes An Excellent Gift Or Purchase Because Of These Reasons:high Qualitybeing An Air King Fan, The 9146 Is Crafted And Constructed With Quality In Mind. Unlike Cheaper, Poorly Made Fans, Air King Has Been In Business For Over 40 Years And Bases Its Principles On American Values.economically Soundthe 9146 Is Priced Just Right For Your Convenience. You Don’t Have To Suffer Through Another Hot Day At The Office Or Use A Paper Fan To Keep You Cool Anymore. Air King Is Famous For Bringing Low Prices For High Quality Products. The 9146 Is No Exception. Popularthe 9146 Is One Of The Smallest Fans Air King Has To Offer, And Is Increasingly Popular Among Consumers. The Fan Can Sit Comfortably Anywhere There Is A Flat Surface Like On Desks, Bookcases, Tables, Etc. Because Of Its Compact Size, The 9146 Is Very Portable.constructionthis Little Miracle Runs On A 120 Volt Motor, The Same Kind Of Motor Used In Larger Pedestal Fans. It Runs At 1/300 Hp And Operates At Two Speeds For Your Convenience.
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UPC: 046013380401

9155 Air King 16 Inch Window Exhaust Fan With Storm Guard Feature

Air King Is The Leading Supplier Of Industrial And Commercial Grade Air Circulators. Their Products Have Been Widely Recognized In The Industry For Superior Quality, Performance, And Value. The Air King 9155 Reversible Window Exhaust Fan Is One Of The Company’s Newest Products And Features Their Exclusive Storm™ Guard Technology. This Window Fan Is Compatible With Windows 26.5 Inches To 34.5 Inches Wide With A Minimum Opening Of 22 Inches High. It Features A Powder-coated Steel Front Grill With Abs Plastic Blade And A 7’, 3-conductor Black Type Spt Cord. For Easy Adjustment And To Ensure A Perfect Fit, The Air King 9155 Also Comes With Integrated Plastic Extended Panels. Its 3-speed, Permanently-lubricated, Permanent Split Capacitor Motor Also Provides Whisper-quiet, Maintenance-free Operation. Other Great Features Include Patented Storm™ Guard Technology That Allows The Window To Be Closed Behind The Fan Without Having To Uninstall It While Osha And Ul Certification Ensures Safety And Quality.
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UPC: 046013380104

9166 Air King Window Exhaust Fan With Storm Guard

Exhaust Fans Sends Stale Indoor Air Out And Fresh Outdoor Air In. They Are Great Solutions To Rooms Like Bathrooms Or Humid Areas That Can Grow Mold Or Bacteria In Stale Air. The Air King 9166 Window Exhaust Fan Is A Great Solution To Your Circulation Needs For The Following Reasons:1600 Rpm Of Powerair King Only Offers Two Sizes Of Window Fans; 20� And 16�, And The 9166 Is The Larger Model. It Is Also More Powerful Than Its 16� Brother. The 9166 Can Blast As Much As 3560 Cfm With A Dba (sound) Of 64.great Brand Nameair King Is An American Company Founded Over 40 Years Ago On Principles Of Quality And Need. Most Of Their Fans Adhere To Industrial Standards And Are Constructed To Last A Lifetime.constructionthe 9166 Features A Powder Coated Steel Front Grill And Blades. There Is Also A Integrated Plastic Extender Panels Can Be Easily Adjusted For A Perfect Fit.sizethe 9166 Can Fit Windows 27� To 38� Wide To A Minimum Opening Of 26.45� High. It Can Easily Fit In Most Windows And Provide You With The Crisp Breeze Of Fresh Air You Need! It Also Features A Storm Guard That Allows The Window To Be Closed Behind The Fan Without Having To Uninstall It.
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UPC: 046013380203

9212 Air King Floor Fan In Steel at 12.1 lbs.

"working Overtime In A Poorly Ventilated Area? Or Have You Gone To Work Out In Your Garage, Which Isn't Exactly A Great Place To Exercise Without Proper Air Circulation? Floor Fans Are Excellent, Economic Ways To Keep You Refreshingly Cool. The Air King 9212 12"" Industrial Grade Floor Fan Is An Excellent Choice For Everyday Use Because It Features:multi-purposethe 9212 Is Made To Cool Not Only The Everyday Person, But Also Machinery That May Exhaust More Heat Than Is Needed. This Is Very Typical Of The .net Age We Are In Today. With The Rising Heat Of Pcs And Other Technological Machines, We Must Make Sure That Everyone Is Kept Comfortably Cool.compactthe 9212 Is The Smallest Industrial Grade Floor Fan That Air King Offers. It Is Perfect For Smaller Home Offices Or Workout Areas Where There Is No Need For Huge Air Oscillation. It Is Also Recommended For Garage Work Stations For The Everyday Home.powerthe 9212 Boasts A Cfm Of 1360 And Rpm Of 1500. It Works At A Strong .77 Amps And 85 Watts. It Is Also The Most Quiet Of Air King's Industrial Grade Floor Fans, At 56 Dba While At Its Highest Speed.9' Cordas It Is Powerful, The 9212 Is Also Portable. The 9' Cord Ensures That You Can Take Your Industrial Fan Anywhere That It Is Needed. Whether It Is In Your Home Garage, Your Workout Area, Your Office, Or A Place That Simply Needs Ventilation, Try One Today!"
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UPC: 046013391605

9214 Air King Floor Fan Features Extra Long 9 Foot Cord

This Great Grade Floor Fan Features Several Great Points To Help You Cool Off Your Office, Store, Garage, Warehouse, Or Any Other Industrial Space. The Air King 9214 14 Inch Floor Fan Provides Efficient And Fast Cooling With Its Super Features, Including:compact Coolingthe 9214’s Blades Are 14� Long And Can Push Air Up To 1650 Cfm And Run At 0.58 Amps. The Fan Also Runs At A Minimum Of 48 Dba, Which Is The Same Noise Level As Small, Quiet Conversations.steel Constructionas An Industrial Fan, The 9214’s Blade, Guards, And Mounts Are All Made From Powder Coated Steel. This Ensures That Your Fan Will Last Years And Give You The Same Performance As It Did In The Past.usesplace The 9214 Wherever You Need It. It’s Ideal For Use In Large Indoor Rooms Like Warehouses, Garages, Stores, And Offices. Use It Whenever You Need Powerful Air Circulation.motor Buildthe 9214’s Motor Is Built To Last! It Runs At 120 Volts And Has A Permanently Split Capacitor Along With A 3-conductor, Type Sjt Power Cord And A Rear Mounted Switch.
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UPC: 046013397102

9218 Air King Electric Floor Fan With All Metal Blades

Keep Cool On The Job Or At Home! The Air King 9218 18-inch Industrial Grade Floor Fan Is Compact Yet Solid. It's Ideal For Use In Offices, Stores, Garages, Warehouses, And Any Other Industrial Space That Needs Powerful Air Circulation. Quietthe Air King 9218 Features Whisper Quiet Performance With A 3-paddle Fan Blade. Durablethis Industrial Grade Floor Fan Is Constructed Of Sturdy, Powder Coated Steel That's Designed To Last. Powerfulthe Air King 9218 Floor Fan Offers 3 Powerful Speeds So You Can Select The Right Setting To Stay Cool At Work Or In Your Garage. It Also Offers Up To 3,190 Cfm. Great Addition To Your Air Conditioner!this Electric Floor Fan Is A Great Addition To Your Air Conditioner Or Can Be Directed At You For Immediate Heat Relief.
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UPC: 046013391704

9219 Air King Roll-About Stand with Fan With Easy Access Rear Mounted Controls

Need An Air Circulator In Your Stuffy Work Space? Make It Easy With The Air King 9219 18 Inch Roll-about Fan To Provide Yourselves With Transportable, Easy-to-activate Cooling. The 9219 Is Set On A Stand That Allows You To Have Effortless, Leveled Cooling. The 9219 Is A Great Fan For The Following Reasons:versatilitythe 9219 Uses Three Speeds And Can Be Used To Cool Down Large Commercial Rooms Like Stores, Shops, And Garages. Its Pivoting Head Makes It Easy To Direct Air Wherever You Need It.roll-about Functionwhile Some Fans Are Portable, They May Not Be Able To Provide Leveled Cooling. The 9219 Comes With A Stand That Has Two Rear Mounted Wheels For Easy Transportation And Can Be Adjusted From 26� To 28� With Ease.motor Powerthe 9219’s Motor Is Permanently Lubricated And Totally Enclosed. It Is Also Ball Bearing And Can Deliver Years Of Consistent Operation. It Runs At 120 Volts And 1/6 Hp, Which Makes It Extremely Sturdy And Powerful.usesuse It For Large Commercial Rooms That Require Leveled Cooling, Such As An Auditorium Or A Classroom, Or A Garage At A Workstation Where A Table Fan May Not Be Viable Or Safe To Use.
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UPC: 046013391902

9220 Air King Electric Floor Fan With 3 Speeds

The Air King 9220 Provides An Excellent Source Of Refreshing Cool Air That Is Perfect For All Kinds Of Settings, Including Homes, Offices, And Garages. And With 20-inch Blades, This Electric Floor Fan Is Able To Move Air More Quickly And Efficiently Than Many Others Of Its Type.quiet Motorthe Air King 9220 Features A Single-phase, 1/6 Hp Motor That Is Completely Enclosed For Quiet Performance.steel Bladesthe 9220 Electric Floor Fan Features Powder-coated Steel Construction That Prevents The Unit From Rusting.air Circulationwith 3 Powerful 20 Inch Blades, This Air King Electric Fan Provides Excellent Air Circulation For Small And Large Rooms Alike.3 Speedsthe Air King 9220 Floor Fan Lets You Choose From 3 High-velocity Fan Speeds: High, Medium, And Low.
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UPC: 046013393005

9224 Air King Floor Fan Features a 10 Ft Power Cord

When You Need Powerful Cooling Try Relying On The Air King 9224 24 Inch Industrial Grade Floor Fan. Just As It Says, It Is An Industrial Grade Fan That Makes A Perfect Compliment To Industrial Worksites Such As Warehouses, Stores, Shops, And More!versatilitythe Air King 9224 Has A 360 Degree Pivoting Head And 3 Fan Speed Settings To Help You Achieve The Breeze You Desire. It Can Cool Up To An Amazing 5130 Cfm!brand Nameyou Can Trust Air King For Quality Fans. It Is Not Surprising That We Receive Reviews About Their Fans Lasting Well Over 10 Years. Air King Manufactures Their Products Using American Ideals And Standards. We Here At Air & Water, Inc. Make These Wonderful Units Available To You Online!motor Powerthe 9224’s Motor Is 120 Volts Strong And Is Permanently Lubricated, Ball Bearing And Is Built To Last. It Operates At An Astounding ¼ Hp (horsepower) And Requires Little Maintenance While Running For Hours On End.metal Constructionthe 9224’s Blades, Guards, And Mount Are All Created With Powder Coated Steel. This Fan Is Industrial Grade So It’s Absolutely Essential That It Can Take The Wear And Tear Of Harsh Environments.easy Usewith Its 360 Degree Pivoting Head, It’s Easy To Place The Fan’s Air Stream Wherever You Please! The 9224 Also Has A Rear Mounted Rotary Switch And Built In Wheels, As Well As A 10’ Power Cord To Place This Strong Beauty Of A Fan Anywhere It Is Needed.
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UPC: 046013395207

9230 Air King Electric Floor Fan Featuring over 7 000 CFM

Floor Fans Provide Powerful Air Circulation Where It Is Needed Most, Such As Offices, Stores, Garages, Warehouses, And Other Various Industrial Areas. The Air King 9230 Electric Floor Fan Provides An Amazing 7400 Cfm Of Force And Can Circulate Stale Air In Your Living Space Better Than Competing Fans For These Reasons:three Speed Settingsyou Can Set The Fan Speeds To Whichever Feels Most Comfortable To You. The 9230 Functions On A High, Medium, And Low Speed. The Rpm Is 1110 At The Highest Setting And 822 At The Lowest. The Dba (noise) Is At 75 At The Highest Speed And 67 At The Lowest.industrial Grade Constructionthe 9230 Is The Toughest And Largest Of Air King’s Floor Fans. It Operates With A Powerful 120 Volt Ball-bearing Motor. It Also Is Lubricated For Life, Therefore Eliminating The Need To Keep Constant Maintenance. The Blades Are Impact-resistant To Guarantee Long Life And Durability.mobilitytake The 9230 Everywhere You Need It. Your Restaurant Establishment Needs Cool Air? Just Throw In A 9230 To Help You Out. Office Ac’s Broken? Simply Turn The 9230 On And Feel The Powerful Breeze.priceunlike Installing A Whole Ac Unit, The 9230 Provides Fast, Easy, And Economically Savvy Air Circulation Without Needing To Break Down Walls Or Write Large Checks To Construction Companies. You Can Make Any Space A Work Space With Proper Air Circulation!
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UPC: 046013395702

9312 Air King 12 Inch Multi Mount Fan With 360 Degree Pivot

Not All Electric Fans Take Up Floor Space. The Air King 9312 12" Multi Mount Electric Fan Can Be Mounted On Walls, Ceilings, I-beams And More, Making It Perfect For Areas Where Floor Or Table Space Is Limited. Powerful And Extremely Sturdy, This Wall Fan Provides Up To 1360 Cfm's And Has Three Distinct Speeds So You Can Choose The Amount Of Power You Need.all Steel Constructionthe Air King 9312's Blades, Guards, And Mounts Are Constructed Of Powder Coated Steel, Which Allows For Unrivaled Durability. Easy To Operatethe Air King 9312 Multi Mount Fan Has A Convenient Rear Mounted Power Switch Making Toggle Speeds And Power Extremely Easy And Its 9 Foot Power Cord Makes Placement Extremely Easy. Multiple Mounting Optionsthis Industrial Grade Fan Can Be Mounted On Walls, Ceilings, I-beams And More. Pivoting Headthe Fan's Pivoting Head Lets You Direct Airflow Where You Need It Most.
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UPC: 046013394606

9314 Air King 14 Inch Multi Mount Fan With Pull Cord

Add Powerful Air Circulation To Loading Docks, Restaurants, Health Clubs And Industrial Areas With The Air King 9314. This Multi Mount Fan Can Be Mounted On Walls, Ceilings, I-beams And More, Making It Ideal For Areas With Limited Floor Or Table Space. The Air King 9314 Industrial Multi Mount Fan Is Constructed Of Powder Coated Steel To Ensure Durability And Long Service Life. Powerful Motorthe Air King 9314 Features A Powerful 3-speed, 1/20 Hp, 120v, 1 Phase, Totally Enclosed, Ball Bearing, Permanently Lubricated, Permanent Split Capacitor Motor. Versatile Mounting Optionsthis Electric Can Be Mounted On Ceilings, Walls Or Anywhere Else Where Floor Space Is Limited. Steel Constructionthe 9314's Blade, Guard, And Mounts Are Made Of Powder Coated Steel.directional Airflowthis Fan Has A Pivoting Head That Lets You Direct Airflow Where You Need It Most.
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UPC: 046013397201

9318 Air King Multi-Mount Fan In Black with a Powerful 120 Volt Motor

The Air King 9318 18� Multi-mount Fan Provides Cool Air In A Multitude Of Situations. Multi-mount Fans Are Ideal In Situations Where You Cannot Sacrifice Space To A Traditional Floor Fan. The 9318 Is Great For The Following Reasons:brand Nameair King Is An All-american Brand That Provides Great American Products To The Market. They Have Been In Business For Over 40 Years And Have Ensured Many Individuals With Products Of Great Quality And Value.space-savinga Large Majority Of Fans Use The Floor Or Areas That Are Already Cluttered With Different Appliances. Fans Are One Of Few Appliances That Can Be Hung On A Wall, Or Mounted Above The Floor. The 9318 Also Delivers Powerful Cooling Circulation To Wherever You Choose.superior Circulationthe 9318 Has A Tilting Head So That You Can Mount It As Well As Direct The Air Wherever You Please. It Also The Widest Set Of Blades Seen In An Air King Multi-mount Fan. It Boasts A Circulation Power Of 3190 At Its Highest Speed.three Speedsthere Are Three Speed Settings To Ensure That Your Living Space Is As Comfortable As Can Be! Also, The Blades Are Constructed With Powder Coated Steel.
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UPC: 046013394705

9320 Air King Ceiling Mount Fan In Steel with 3670 CFM

The Air King 9320 20 Inch Electric Ceiling Mount Fan Is A Great Way To Go If You Want To Save Floor Space. You Can Install This Fan Virtually Anywhere There Is Space. The 9320 Makes An Excellent Fan Because Of Its:great Brandair King Has Been In Business For Over 40 Years And It Is Our Pleasure Here At Air And Water To Deliver Their Quality Products To You! Their Products Have Been Manufactured With Not Only Great Quality But Value In Mind.distinctive Designceiling Fans Such As The 9320 Make Excellent Fans For Auditoriums, Halls, And Meeting Areas Where It Is Common To Have Large Assemblies. Large Assemblies May Generate Too Much Body Heat And Not Enough Air Circulation, So The 9320 Could Make A Perfect Solution To Such A Problem.powerful Motorthe 9320 Runs On A 1/6 Hp, 120 Volt Motor With A Totally Enclosed Ball. It Is Also Permanently Lubricated So That You Wouldn’t Need To Worry About Long-term Maintenance, As Well As A 9’, 3-conductor Type Sjt Power Cord.constructionas The 9320 Is An Industrial Grade Fan, It Is Made With Powder Coated Steel. Its 20 Inch Blades Are Made Of Steel, As Well As Its Guards And Mount. The 9320 Is A Very Durable Fan Meant To Last And Under Tough Conditions.usesinstall These Fans To Your Meeting Hall, Gym, Auditorium, And Much More To Keep Your Assemblies Bearable And Enjoyable. Install It In Your Factory Or Warehouse To Keep Your Workers Happy And Feeling Fresh.
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UPC: 046013388209

9400 Air King Air Stik Desktop Electric Fan Is Incredibly Space Saving

The Air King 9400 Air Stik Desktop Electric Fan Is Designed To Save You Space And Can Be Used In A Variety Of Places Such As Desktops, Kitchens And Workshop Tables. It Really Can Be Used In A Variety Of Places Because It Has Two Quiet Speed Options. It Also Has Lighted Manual Push Button Controls For Increased Ease Of Use. The Air King 9400 Electric Fan Also Has An Oscillation Feature That Allows It To Cover A Wider Area. Its Whisper Quiet Motor Is Permanently Lubricated To Cut Down On Maintenance. The Blade Diameter Is 1.5 Inches And The Decibel Rating Is Minimal At 30 Dba On High And 15 Dba On Low. Included With The 9400 Air Stik Desktop Fan Is A 6 Ft. 18/3 Cord Set. The Plug Has Three Prongs And Is Grounded. On The High Setting, The Fan Only Runs On 12 Watts And 0.165 Amps. The Fan Is Etl Listed And Meets Osha Requirements For Your Safety.
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9406 Air King Clip Stik Ultra Slim Desk Fan Includes Simple Assembly Instructions

With The Air King 9406 Clip Stik Ultra Slim Desk Fan You Have Two Different Installation Options Because It Comes Complete With A Removable Clip For Desktop Use. The Clip Is Spring Loaded And Holds Tightly Without Marking The Surface To Which It Is Clipped. The Clip Has An Adjustable Tilt And 360 Degree Pivot As Well For Multiple Axis Air Flow Distribution. There Are Also Two Quiet Speed Options On The Air King 9406 Clip Fan So That Wherever You Use It, It Won’t Disturb You. It Also Has A Clearly Marked Two Speed Rotary Control For Ease Of Use. The Motor Is Permanently Lubricated So You Only Have To Perform Minimal Maintenance. The Blade Diameter Is 1.5 Inches And The Decibel Rating Is Minimal At 30 Dba On High And 15 Dba On Low. The Plug On The 9406 Clip Stik Has Three Prongs And Is Grounded. Also Included Is A Six Foot Long Power Cord. For Your Safety, The Fan Is Etl Listed And Meets Osha Requirements. It Only Uses 12 Watts And Pulls 0.165 Amps On The High Setting.
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