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MC-CG885 Panasonic OptiFlow Canister Vacuum Cleaner With Overload Protector

The Panasonic Mc-cg3885 Optiflow Canister Vacuum Is A Well Rounded Cleaning Machine That Can Clean Multiple Surfaces. Its Four Separate Height Adjustments Let You Clean Carpets Of Different Piles As Well As Bare Floors. A Variety Of On-board Tools Lets You Tackle Hard To Reach Places And Upholstery. Very Powerful, The Mc-cg3885 Uses A 12 Amp Motor To Tackle Any Mess. Its Mechanical Performance Indicator Lets You Know How The Vacuum Is Running And The Overload Protector Prevents Problems Before They Start. The 360-degree Swivel Hose, Ergonomic Handle And Power Control Are All Designed To Make Cleaning Efficient And Painless. Panasonic’s Mc-cg3885 Optiflow Canister Vacuum Has A Hepa Exhaust Filter To Help Allergy And Asthma Sufferers Breathe Easier. Able To Filter 99.97% Of Dust, Debris, Dander And Allergens Down To 0.3 Microns, This Filter Improves Air Quality Greatly. This Vac Is Compact, Light Weight And Has An Optiflow Bag Chamber With An Electrostatic Filter To Keep The Dirt In The Vacuum Bag And The Air. Lowest Price:  $299.95   CLICK to purchase at Air N Water

Manufacturer/Brand: Panasonic
Manufacturer ID: MC-CG885

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MC-CG885 Panasonic OptiFlow Canister Vacuum Cleaner With Overload Protector

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MC-CG467 Panasonic Canister Vacuum Cleaner Canister Vacuum with 360 Swivel

The Panasonic Mc-cg467 Canister Vacuum Cleaner Has A Crevice Tool And Dusting Brush That Are Recessed On Top Of The Canister For Easy Access. The Hose Swivels 360 Degrees For Wide Range Cleaning Without Having To Move The Canister And Worry About Tipping. The 3-in-1 Multi-surface Brush Cleans Multiple Floor Surfaces Without Changing The Nozzle. The Panasonic Mc-cg467 Cleans Wood Floors, Short-pile And Long-pile Carpets. If You Want An Incredibly Convenient Vacuum That Allows You To Reach In All Directions And Clean All Surfaces, The Panasonic Mc-cg467.
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MC-CG381 Panasonic Canister Vacuum Cleaner Features Variable Control

Keep Both Your Carpeted And Bare Floor Surfaces In Pristine Condition With Panasonic’s Mc-cg381 Canister Vacuum Cleaner. It’s 10 Amp Motor Comes With Variable Power Control To Help You Tackle Tough Messes. Its 12-inch, 2-step Nozzle Helps Immensely With Even The Toughest Of Cleaning Jobs. The Mc-cg381 Comes With A Variety Of On-board Tools For Even More Cleaning Options. The Crevice Tool Lets You Clean Cars And Between Furniture Easily While The Dusting Brush Is Perfect For Upholstery. The Telescopic Wand Lets You Clean Hard To Reach Places Easily.the Panasonic Mc-cg381 Canister Vacuum Cleaner Ha Dust Bags That Are Extremely Easy To Replace Thanks To Its Ez Open Dust Cover. Movement And Storage Is A Breeze With Its Retractable Cord And Curved Carrying Top Handle.best Of All It Is Easy On The Eyes With Its Blue Hue And Modern Design.
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S4580 Miele Luna Canister Vacuum Cleaner

Canister Vacuum Cleaners Offer The Best For Mobility. The Miele S4580 Luna Canister Vacuum Cleaner Uses Electronic Power Controls That Range From 200-1200 Watts. This Helps You Control How Much Suction You Want From Your Vacuum. The S4580 Luna Is Also Useful Because It Offers:a Smarter Systemthis Vacuum Shuts Off Automatically If There Is Any Danger Of Overheater. If Something Is Stuck Inside The Vacuum To Cause It To Malfunction, The S4580 Will Also Shut Down And Illuminate An Indicator Light To Let You Know Of The Problem. Also, There Is An Indicator Light For Its Intensiveclean Dustbag.intensiveclean Dustbagthe Miele Intensiveclean Dustbags Are Constructed With A Web Of Randomly-spun Fibers. It Is So Durable That It Is Tear And Rip Resistant, Meaning That You Can Vacuum Up Broken Glass Without Worrying About The Bag Tearing Apart. Parquet Floor Brushthe S4580 Features A Floor Brush Made Of Polyamide And Natural Hair To Ensure Your Surfaces Are Cleaned Thoroughly, But Gently. Excellent For Hard Floor Owners!hepa Filterthe S4580 Luna Uses A Hepa Filter That Reduces The Amount Of Allergens That Dwell In Your Living Space. It Also Is Built With A Generally Activated Charcoal Filter That Neutralizes And Absorbs Odors. This Is A Perfect Solution To Homes With Pets Or Smokers.please Note: All Miele Products Are Excluded From Any Discounts Or Promotions.
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MRY3050 Royal Procision Canister Vacuum Cleaner

Lightweight, Easy To Maneuver, And Versatile, Canister Vacuum Cleaners Such As The Full-sized Royal Mry3050 Procision Is The Perfect Household Helper And Is Ideal For Cleaning A Wide Range Of Surfaces, From Carpets To Rugs, To Even Upholstery And Drapes.with Its Powerful 12-amp Clean-air Motor And Air-driven Turbo Nozzle With Revolving Brush, The Royal Mry3050 Procision Lets You Deep Clean Even The Most Embedded Dirt And Stains. The 360° Swivel Hose Connection At Both The Unit And Grip Allows For Easy Maneuverability, And The Metal Telescopic Wand Lets You Clean Hard-to-reach, High Spaces With Ease. As Well, The Safety Close System Ensures That The Vacuum Cleaner’s Paper Bag Is Installed Properly Every Time Without Hassle, And The Hepa-type Filter Eliminates Up To 99.97% Of Dust And Allergens. As An Added Bonus, The Royal Mry3050 Procision Canister Vacuum Cleaner Is Alsoequipped With On-board Tools, Including A Bare Floor Brush, Crevice Tool, Upholstery, And Dust Brush Which Let You Clean Any Type Of Surface.for Full-sized Cleaning Power In A Compact Unit, Choose The Royal Procision Mry3050 Canister Vacuum Cleaner.
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MRY1000 Royal Airopro Canister Vacuum Cleaner

Canister Vacuum Cleaners Are Perfect For Homes With A Combination Of Hard Wood And Rugs. Furthermore, Because Of Their Compact Size, They Also Work Great For Stairs, Upholstery, Drapes, And Other Above-the-floor-items, And The Advanced Royal Mry1000 Airopro Canister Vacuum Cleaner Can Help You Clean All Of Those Areas And More. Boasting A Powerful 10-amp Motor, The Mry1000 Airopro Is Compact, Lightweight, And Gives You The Choice Of Utilizing Either Straight Suction Or Suction-only Technology – Depending On Your Cleaning Needs. For Easy Maneuverability, The Airopro Comes With A 360° Swivel Hose Connection At The Grip, As Well As A Shoulder Strap That Lets You Tote The Unit From Room To Room With Ease. Also Included Is A Full Set Of Cleaning Tools, Such As The Carpet Tool With Metal Base Plate; Bare Floor Brush; Crevice Tool; Dust Brush; And Upholstery Tool; As Well As A Standard Telescopic Wand For Those Hard-to-reach Spaces. Also, For Allergy Sufferers, The Royal Mry1000 Airopro Canister Vacuum Cleaner Utilizes The Patented Royalaire Filtration System Which Has The Ability To Remove Up To 99.9% Of Common Household Allergens Such As Dust And Pet Dander.to Keep Your Floors Looking Their Absolute Best, Choose The Royal Mry1000 Airopro Canister Vacuum Cleaner.
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SBC360 Sunbeam Canister Vacuum Cleaner Features Combination Nozzle

Love To Keep Your Home Clean But Your Upright Vacuum Can’t Give You The Flexibility You Need? The Sunbeam Sbc360 Canister Vacuum Cleaner Can Maneuver Tight Areas With Ease And Help You Keep Your Home Happy And Clean With These Following Reasons:washable Hepa Filterthe Sbc360’s Filter Is Not Only Washable But Can Collect Allergens Such As Pollen And Dust From The Air. It Also Rids Your Air From Many Bacteria And Dust Mites.flexibilitythe Unit Can Swivel 360 Degrees To Make Your Cleaning Experiences Much More Pleasant And Enjoyable. No Need To Readjust The Vacuum While You Are Reaching Up High For The Upholstery, The Sbc360 Turns With You.rewinding Cordtired Of Tripping Over Webs Of Cords? The Sbc360 Efficiently Stores Away With Its Rewinding Cord Function. Keep Your Living Space Clutter Free And Avoid Accidents With An Easy Power Cord Function.large Bagdon’t Hassle Yourself To Replace The Bag Every Other Week, The Sbc360 Can Contain 3 Full Quarts Of Dust And Dirt. Get The Most Out Of Your Dust Bag As Well As Keep Your Home Sparkly Clean With The Sbc360.
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