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In most homes, dryers are the easiest household appliance to maintain. They surpass the ease of microwaves, washers and other household appliances  The reason is that most failures with household dryers - no matter what brand (Amana, GE etc.. ) are related to one thing:  poor dryer ventilation.   Poor ventilation can cause clothes drying times to increase ALOT.  Poor ventilation can cause extra wear and tear on many of your dryer parts and cause you multiple headaches.  But, it is easy to do preventive maintenance on your dryer.

Poor dryer ventilation can cause rips, damage and loose buttons on your family's clothing because they need to tumble longer to dry.  Poor dryer ventilation can  increase your energy bills. Be sure to check your vent at least once a year or so and religiously clean out the lint filters.

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  • Dryer Knob
  • Dryer Ignitor or Dryer Igniter
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  • Dryer Glides
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  • Dryer Fuses
  • Dryer Thermostats
  • Dryer Belts and Rollers
  • Dryer Blower Wheels
  • Dryer Switches
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When heated the ignitor (igniter) on your dryer must get to a specified temperature in order to activate the flame sensor in your gas dryer. The ignitors on dryers are fragile and susceptible to cracking. Even a small hairline fracture on the ignitor that is barely visible to the naked eye is enough to change the resistance of the dryer ignitor to a point that it will not work as efficiently as you want it to.


Asko DC7171T Electric Dryer 
Asko T712 Electric Dryer 
Asko T712C Dryer 
Asko T721 Electric Dryer 
Asko T731 Electric Dryer 
Asko T741 Dryers 
Asko T701 Electric Dryer 
Asko T700 Electric Commercial Dryer 
Asko T711 Electric Dryer 
Asko T720 Electric Commercial Dryer 


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