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Garbage Disposer Parts for disposer brands including GE, General Electric, Jenn Air, Kenmore, Kitchen Aid, Magic Chef, Maytag, Roper, Waste King and Whirlpool. Garbage Disposal failures are messy.   When they go bad it can result in spewed bits of smelling food all over your sink and kitchen.   Before you start debugging your garbage disposer problems - let us explain how a garbage disposal works. 
  • Garbage is dumped into the hopper of the disposer.
  • The disposer drives a flywheel, impeller, and cutters which pulverize the tiny bits by throwing the garbage against a shredder device. 
  • The tiny bits are now flushed down the drain/sewer pipe with water from the kitchen sink. 
It's making a humming noise.

Garbage Disposal Replacement Parts Stuck grinding wheel - This is probably the Number 1 disposer problem. It almost is always caused by bones, silverware, bottle caps, or other very hard objects becoming jammed between a cutter and the shredder ring around the flywheel of the disposer.

If the disposer is jammed, you might hear a humming noise when trying to turn it on. 

  • Turn the disposer off right away, then unplug it from the wall socket (or at the circuit breaker). 
  • Most garbage disposers have a port at the bottom, which you can use to insert a 1/4" Allen wrench (usually supplied with the disposer) and free up the disposer by turning the wrench back and forth. 
  • With the power still turned off, remove any foreign objects from the disposer.  It is best not to stick your hand in there.  Use a tool.
  • Push on the red button (located near the port, at the bottom of the disposer), in case it has popped out, to reset the disposer.
If your disposer does not have a port at the bottom, or if you can't turn the wrench, you might have to call a professional or replace the garbage disposer.

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