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Sharp microwave ovens are all about choices, convenience, and time-saving innovations -- designed to make food preparation faster, easier, and totally worry-free. Choose Sharp --- the #1 selling microwave oven in America. Sharp microwaves are quality appliances, but they can break or need a replacement part for one of the components.  Many people think that it is easy to just buy a new microwave.  In many cases, this is simply not true.  It can be very easy to repair your Sharp microwave, oven, cooktop, Sharp range, Sharp range hood or Steam oven. Before working on a sharp microwave - Before touching any components or wiring, ALWAYS DISCHARGE THE HIGH VOLTAGE CAPACITOR!  The high voltage capacitor will quite normally maintain a painfully high-voltage charge even after the oven is unplugged. Some capacitors employ a bleeder resistor (either externally or internally) that allows the charge to slowly bleed (or drain) off after the oven is unplugged. Do not trust a bleeder resistor--it may be open. Most Sharp microwave ovens do not have an 
access panel to the light bulb. To change the light bulb, you must remove the screws on the back of the microwave that hold the outer sleeve in place.  After removing the screws,  pull upward and back on the sleeve to disengage it from the chassis. The light bulb should be close to the front of the microwave behind the control panel. 

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